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Educational programs focus on strengthening individuals, families and communities by addressing critical issues and needs, such as teaching parenting skills, improving nutrition and health, managing family finances, addressing child care needs, and others.

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Jennifer Banks

Jennifer Banks
Ext Agent I
Phone: (931) 592-3971

FCS Programs and Information

  • Co-Parenting
    • Proceeding a Divorce  
  • Individual Parenting
    • Loss of parental rights
  • Anger Management
    • RELAX Alternatives to Anger
  • Fitting It Together
    • Juvenile Delinquents

Relax: Alternatives to Anger this educational seminar is for individuals who want to better manage their anger and stress at school, home and the workplace. Participants will understand child and human development and how to Recognize when people are angry, what triggers that anger and how to cope. Learn to Empathize with another’s point of view. Learn to be a better Listerner. Learn Acceptance to deal with challenging behaviors by developing problem-solving skills. Learn to X-out the past and focus on the present.

  • OWN the Night
    • Outrageously Worthwhile Inspiration
  • Small Starts
    • Healthier Tennessee
  • Pathweighs to Health
    • Healthy & Active Lifestyle Changes
  • Canning College
    • Canning Basics and Above

OWN the Night will consist of monthly activities and classes, offered to give adults time to focus on self-interest and hobbies.  Monthly meetings will focus on food, fashion and design! A variety of tours, creative learning activities, demonstrations, educational lessons for home remedies, facts and tips for organizing the home, holidays, meal planning and time management, while staying calm and focused on priority areas.